We are pleased to introduce ourselves,


Migliore, “the top of the bill”, a fashion label for the fashionable man, who is only satisfied with the best, with a touch of Italian passion.


Started in 2004 with an exclusive neck-tie collection, Migliore has grown into a

men’s fashion label with not only ties, but also luxurious shawls, suspenders and bowties, as well as casual-chique jackets with eye-catching details.


All Migliore products are made of top quality materials and produced in fine, small ateliers.

And because the collections are only being made in limited editions , the Migliore wearer will be  exclusive. All that at a reasonable price.

Migliore neck ties are all hand made of the best and finest Italian silks from Como, the city of silk.


Migliore items are always recognizable, because they always have a delicate orange detail,  Migliore’s house color. For example an orange thread, button or loop.


The Migliore collection is exclusively available in the better men’s stores.


That is what we mean by “the best of the best”!